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Does a hail damage claim raise home insurance rates?

Does a hail damage claim raise home insurance rates?

Does a hail damage claim raise home insurance rates?

Not in all cases. Since weather damage is out of your control, your insurer typically
won’t hike your rate. However, your rate may increase if you’ve filed a claim within the
three previous years, and the hail claim is your second.

Also, while your individual rate may not go up, if you live in an area prone to hail
damage, the insurance company may charge everyone in that vicinity a higher base rate
compared to places where hail is infrequent. Some states, including Texas, prohibit
home insurers from raising rates after just one claim, so it also depends on your state
laws. Others prohibit insurance companies from raising rates due to claims for damage
from natural causes like hail.


Top states for home hail damage according to State Farm 2022 claims data, the states with the most hail damage claims
are as follows:

1. Minnesota: $799M
2. Texas: $510M
3. Arkansas: $231M
4. Illinois: $225M
5. Nebraska: $212M

Is it worth filing a claim for hail damage?

Yes, if the damage is significant. If you’re not sure, ask a local contractor to take a look.
Many will offer free inspections and let you know if the damage is worth filing a claim.

Are You Damaged And Don’t Even Know

After a roof has been impacted by hail, damage may not immediately be noticeable.
Many property owners simply are unaware that they have damage, but over the course
of time heat and cold expands and contracts roof membranes that can cause fractures
after a hail storm. Ice and heavy rain on a roof with undetected hail fractured
membranes can lead to interior leaks. If you are experiencing this scenario, don’t wait to
get professional insurance claim assistance.

Fiction: My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.
Fact: Most states prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for filing
claims arising from weather events. Check your state and your policy language.
Fiction: If I don’t file my claim, my insurance company won’t raise my rates.
Fact: After a disaster, insurance companies may raise everyone’s rates in a specific
geographic area or “tier.” By not filing your legitimate claim, your personal rate increase
pays for everyone else’s damage except yours.


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